Welcome to STANLA – we like sports

Currently, we have some operations in progress.

  • – Agency in Sweden of bike accessories from WTB.
  • – Assembly and direct sale of Laitaure bike to end customer.
  • – Sale of carbon accessories to retailers and end customer.
  • – Partner of a gym.

Our operations are located under the company L bike and sports AB


Carbon accessories

Soon we can present our own brand  with carbon accessories like…

Bottle cage

Laitaure bike


Laitaure is a privately registered owned bike brand within the premium segment. The primary sale will be made to consumers via Laitaure’s own website.

LAITAURE BIKE is a brand that can be compared.


About Stanla


L bike and sports AB becomes an agency of WTB’s bike products in Sweden.

In focus sports health and exercise me and a colleague open a gym with great success. This means that we get a little delayed with the next MTB bike model, the plan has to be postponed to spring 2019. We do not see anything negative about this delay. The positive is that we continue to quality test our bikes to get an even better product to market next year.


In August we got our bike brand Laitaure bike label registered and protected.

The company L bike and sports AB was created in August, where we place the production and sales of Laitaure bikes.

Our first four test frames arrived in the summer of 2017 under our brand Laitaure bike. They consist of two models, one XC hardtail and one XC full suspension. To this framework we will choose the best of the equipment that is available, in two different price segments. In autumn we will quality tested  the bikes,  after the test some adjustment problaby be needed before launch in spring 2018.

Two years passed without any major activities in STANLA. A brilliant idea was hatched in spring 2016 that we should create a bike brand. As an entrepreneur I am, there were really no more questions about that.

We involved ourselves in some sales of fashion apparel and accessories. Because no long-term contract was written, we chose to phase out the interest already in 2014.

Stanla started in other wholesale operations already 2004. We worked with import of goods mostly from southern Europe. Our primary sales was to the Swedish retailer. We sold the company in 2010 for other business ventures in the region of Örebro in Sweden.